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The day is finally here – Moving day to Providence. The team from Zoko packed their bags/cars and made the trek east. Andrew and Brad hopped the train from New Haven while Christopher made the jaunt following a college reunion at Vassar. Needless to say, he was able to bring more stuff than Andrew and Brad including a fake cardinal, pots, pans, a gnarled piece of bar, a fruit bowl, a brewing kit and several other fun utensils and toys. Erika will make her way to PVD tomorrow morning following her honeymoon in Tahiti. Rumor has it that she sprained her wrist, so hopefully everything checks out okay at the Albany Hospital. Roger will remain based in Pittsburgh but will join the gang at Betaspring in a couple of weeks.  As for Andrew, Brad and Chris we’ll be heading over to a BBQ hosted by one of the Betaspring founders this afternoon for some good food and to meet our fellow Betaspringers. We’ve met a few already, but there are a ton of other teams so it should be interesting.

For those interested, we’re at 15 Westminster Street here in Providence. Stop by and say hello or stay for a Zoko! The attached photo shows the Kitchen/Zokotorium un-packed and ready for the “first dinner.”

The Zoko kitchen ready for action!