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Today was the first day of the Betaspring program. Andrew, Brad and Chris made the trek over to the office for the first time and got things moved into our space. We were joined a few hours later by Erika. The rest of the afternoon was spent catching everyone up to changes and progress and participating in the program overview. It sounds like it will be busy and totally informative. We have multiple meetings with mentors and the partners every week and at least a couple bar-meetups with mentors and alums. Embedded in to the program are a series of workshops that will teach additional skills and introduce us to local venture capitalists and angel donors. Things are quite casual, but we think the environment will really allow us to dig in and make Zoko a reality. At 4:00pm we jumped on a bus to head to Boston for the Webinnovation conference where we met other fellow entrepreneurs and saw a few really fascinating pitches including a “Pandora for beer”, an online encryption platform and a site that tests your skills in multiple programs like excel and gives you a score and ranks you compared to other possible job candidates. After a beer and some more good discussion we boarded the bus back to PVD returning around 10:45pm.

All for now, more later.