One week down, 11 to go.  Yes thats right, the Zoko team made it through the first week of Betaspring with only a few bumps and bruises.  Here are some of the highlights:

  • We decorated our totally sweet office space which includes a mondo vertical whiteboard and an exposed brick wall.
  • We went to the Tech Stars Demo Day After party which included lots of Schmoozing and lots of Coolio.  Yes, thats right, a big room of entrepreneurs, VCs and Coolio.
  • Being in Boston meant we were there when the Bruins won it all.  No buildings burned, but we did see plenty of antics
  • We met with mentors Bill Warner and SOM Alum Mike Grandinetti .  Both were excited about our idea.  Bill was especially intrigued by Chris’s passion for bringing people together and Mike was quick to reminisce about his Italian American upbringing and how Sundays were a day for everyone to come together over food.
  • We got to know some recent Betaspring Alumni who told us that we each need to figure out what that one thing is that we personally have to do that is imperative for our company’s survival.  Ie : If I don’t do X Zoko will die.  Our current iteration of that is: If Brad’s middle name isn’t whimsy, Zoko will die.
  • We spent a LOT of time Lawyering up. Aargh.
  • We got to know the other teams here at Betaspring HQ better.  We are incredibly lucky to be working alongside these folks.  We have a lot to learn from the other teams and are already loving the creative vibe around the office.  More on that later.
  • We also spent a lot of time getting to know Owen and Allan, the two managing partners of Betaspring.  They are both great guys and bring different perspectives on our business. We are grateful to have their guidance over the summer.
Hopefully this week will be just as exciting as the first!