Christopher Kieran


Philadelphia, PA


Yale University / Masters of Environmental Management

Vassar College / Bachelors of Arts – Religion

Favorite Food:  

Soft-boiled eggs


Yale Center for Business & the Env. (New Haven, CT)

Cityscape Farms LLC (San Francisco, CA)

Friends Rehabilitation Program (Philadelphia, PA)

McGraw-Hill Companies (New York, NY)

Fun Fact:

The image above of Christopher at graduation was picked up by the AP and shown on Forbes.com, the India Times and tons of other media outlets around the world.

Christopher became interested in zokos as a graduate student in food systems and energy efficiency at Yale’s School of Forestry and Environmental Studies. He gained previous startup experience while developing marketing strategy for a seed stage venture in San Francisco. While at Yale he managed several grant-making programs, including two for entrepreneurial ventures, with the Center for Business & the Environment.