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The Zoko team is excited about the upcoming launch of our website.  The site will make it easier and more fun for selected groups of people to get together on a regular basis and share great meals.

For months, our team has been talking to all sorts of people about their experiences managing and participating in dinner clubs.  Dinner clubs are groups of people who cook for each other on a rotating basis.  The groups range from formal to informal, large to small, and they exist in every corner of the world.  Our discussions have been fascinating!  It seems that few things are more basic and comforting than sharing a meal with those who are close to us.

If you have managed or participated in a dining club – or know someone who has – please get in touch so we can learn from you!  (Send your contact information to info@yourzoko.com.)

Our team is following Steve Blank’s Customer Development methodology, which is rooted on startups “getting out of the building,” talking to customers and using that feedback to develop and refine their product.  (For those who would like to learn more, Steve Blank has a helpful podcast called “Customer Development for Startups” and a blog.) 

We want to make sure that you have a voice in our product development.  Looking forward to hearing from you!