Last night the Zoko team made dinner in our apartment. The plan:

  1. Lasagna with rainbow chard and béchamel
  2. Snap peas and potato salad with green garlic dressing
  3. Flatbreads with fresh vegetables from the farmers’ market
  4. Blueberry pie (Brad’s been obsessed with blueberries lately. Have you noticed the new launch page?)

Within minutes of starting to cook, it was kitchen crisis. Christopher forgot to buy lasagna noodles and we couldn’t find any sort of pan to bake the lasagna in. Our main dish was in peril! We had to improvise. We gave up our lasagna dream, mixed all the lasagna fillings into a thick, delicious sauce, and served it atop a pile of angel hair. It wasn’t what we planned, but rainbow chard can make anything into a work of beauty.

The Snap peas and potato salad with green garlic dressing was the true highlight of the meal. Thanks to Virgie and Hats for the awesome recipe! The dressing for the salad is unbelievable. We are going to make it again in a few days. We won’t last much longer with out it.

The flatbreads were little works of art. These are the easiest things to make, but people always freak out over them. Just toss some fresh farmers’ market vegetables on a piece of lavash from Trader Joe’s and throw it in the oven at 350 for 5 minutes or so. We couldn’t make it to TJ’s yesterday, so we used some thin crust pizza crusts from the freezer section in Whole Foods. They were good too. But seriously, TJ’s lavash—so crispy and perfect when they come out of the oven.

The blueberry pie was store-bought, so we don’t have too many good stories about it, other than that it bled blueberry goo all over the oven when we heated it up. Brad is slowly converting us all to blueberry fanatics, so a real pie-making escapade is definitely in the works. Stay tuned.

In the meantime, get your blueberry fix here. We’re having a lot of fun talking to folks about their dinner club groups. We’re only a few weeks away from launching a beta test. So get in touch with us now if you want to help us test out the website. We’re looking forward to many more dinner parties and good conversations to come.