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Montalcino is a little Tuscan mountain town surrounded by vineyard after vineyard…nearly 200 in total. Christopher went there recently to check out the wine, including the famous Brunello di Montalcino, and to explore Banfi—the world’s first winery to achieve ISO 14001 certification for environmental responsibility. Christopher geeks out over obscure environmental stuff (ISO 140001?), but as long as he’s pouring the wine, that’s okay with us.

Banfi put in a drip irrigation system, which drastically reduces the amount of water a vineyard needs to keep grapes healthy. You can see the little black tube carrying water beneath the grapes in the picture below.

The vineyard is also committed to erosion control and biodiversity. They maintain a high ratio of forested to cultivated land on their estate and are sure to plant native species.

And don’t forget, the wine is great. Banfi’s Rosso di Montalcino is bright and refreshing. The Brunello is mellow. They also make a Brunello called Poggio alle Mura that is much more complex, with notes of blue cheese and wood. It tastes old…in a good way…a very good way.

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