The Way We Eat” is a great quick-read, if you haven’t already seen it on TechCrunchSemil Shah, the article’s author, nicely articulates why consumers are hungry for (no pun intended) companies that can provide a more interesting way for people to connect over food.  He cites a number of converging trends – including longer commutes and technological distractions – that lead us to “turn one of humankind’s most social habits into an anti-social event, a means to an end.”  At the same time, trends like increased education around nutrition and a growing desire to connect are leading consumers to seek out higher quality food in a better setting.  “After all, we’re not just what we eat—we’re also where we eat and whom we eat with.”

The article references Bowling Alone, a book by Robert Putnam, which makes an argument for the importance of “social capital” in our lives.  (I just purchased a copy, and am excited to learn more.)  One amazing factoid listed on the book’s website states: “Joining and participating in one group cuts in half your odds of dying next year.”  Maybe you’ve just discovered another reason to join a Zoko!