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To celebrate our alpha launch and the functioning website we’ve been working so hard on, the Zoko team threw two excellent, bro-filled dinner parties!

Above is an image of the post dinner revelry from our first party on Monday night.  Needless to say the whole Betaspring crew was filled to the brim and very happy hanging out and shooting the breeze on what would have otherwise been a normal Monday.

What is it that the fearless Zoko team cooked you ask?  We whipped up the best taco bar this side of the Mississippi! Mason-Dixon ? Anyway, you get the point, it was worthy of El Super, El Azteca,  or Buenos Dias for those of you who might care to compare.  We had mountains of guacamole, three types of salsa (including salsa fresca), cheeses, cabbage, black beans, grilled onions, grilled bell and poblano chiles, Mexican rice, queso, and two count ’em: two types of tortillas to contain the magic.

At the end of the night, as the last folks taco-rolled themselves out of our apartment, we were proud. And ready to do it again!