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Photo from Gojee.com

Adam Caplan has started having dinner parties or zokos in the Washington, D.C. area, comprised of friends from graduate school (the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy at Tufts) who are living in the same area of northwestern D.C.  The group is called Dionysian Dinners in the District.  He is using Zokos to plan the parties, which will allow him to reach out to members of his alumni community.

Adam says, “We have a huge alumni network in the area and everyone has other friends and connections in D.C., so I felt like it was wise to start with a group that knows each other but to emphasize the branching out element, making it clear that all new invites would be somehow connected to the initial group members.”

To begin, Adam invited 40 of his friends who are alumni and living in a similar area of D.C. to a dinner party.  The first dinner had 14 attendees and, because of the group’s quick expansion, drew a crowd with various connections.  Several people were Vassar alumni, for example, including Zoko co-founder Christopher Kieran.  Chris says, “Halfway through the evening, we all realized that most of us had never met half the people in the room before.  The setting was so comfortable; we forgot that we hadn’t all known each other from the start.”

The menu from the first dinner included a mango, avocado, and black bean salad – a recipe found on Gojee.com that was a huge hit with the crowd – and a taco bar, including beef, turkey and veggie tacos with all of the fixings.  Paige, one of the guests, brought desserts made by her dad’s company.  Others brought wine, chips and salsa, and cakes.  The dinner was a success, and Adam and his friends look forward to hosting more dinner parties soon!