Julie Sygiel recently hosted a pierogi party for the Betaspring Zoko.  Attendees could pick their own fillings – choosing from more traditional fillings like potato, onion, and cheese or the sweet fillings like blueberries and strawberries.

Julie grew up assisting her grandmother in the kitchen every time she came to visit from about the age of five years old.  Julie recalls, “My grandmother would take over our entire kitchen table with flour and then fill our freezer to the brim with pierogi.  No matter how many times I rolled out the dough in little circles or pinched them shut, they never quite looked as good as hers.  She has probably pinched over 100,000 in her lifetime (she’s 90 now) so I guess practice really does make perfect pierogi.”  Julie tells us that her grandmother’s classic recipe uses a cabbage, potato, and onion filling, but she prefers the fruit-filled ones.  She adds, “The secret is in the dough, so with my grandmother’s recipe, pretty much anything inside will taste delish.”

Julie is a good friend of the Betaspring group, as the CEO and Co-Founder of Sexy Period.  Check out the Sexy Period website!

We are proud to report that Julie’s grandmother looked at photos of the pierogi zoko afterward and said she was very impressed with everyone’s pierogi pinching ability.

Grandma Sygiel’s Pierogi Recipe

2 c flour

1 c milk

1/2 stick butter

1 t salt

Heat milk and butter in saucepan on stove top until scalding (not boiling though) and stir into flour and salt mixture.  Stir with a fork and then use hands to aggregate dough in a ball.  Roll out to approximately 3/8″ thick and use a shot glass in a cookie cutter like motion to cut perfectly round circles of dough.  Roll circles with rolling pin to make a thin circle about 1/8″ thick ready for filling.  Stuff with your choice of sweet or savory goodness and pinch edges together to produce a half moon shaped dumpling.  Boil for approximately 5 minutes and top with melted butter to serve.