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Important Update, Yale Veggie Dinner now uses www.OURZOKO.com

Last week, graduate and professional students at Yale got together in Kroon Hall to kick off this semester of Yale Veggie Dinner.  Yale Veggie Dinner is a dining circle with more than 350 members.  It started several years ago with 30 students, and quickly grew in popularity as word of mouth spread.  The circle is inclusive – any Yale student (or partner of a Yale student) can join.

Spenser Shadle, one of the attendees at this year’s launch event, said “Breaking bread (or cupcakes!) with all of the returning and new students was a delicious way to start a new year of community at school.”

For the kick-off event, everyone in the group is invited to one large dinner.  (Usually, dinners are quite a bit smaller!)  This photo shows the students after dinner, listening to a presentation about guidelines.  Down the middle of the room, it is clear to see that a serious dent has been made in the food.  Looks like it was delicious, though. 

Here are some of Yale Veggie Dinner’s guidelines.  Many contribute the thoughtfulness of the guidelines to helping make the circle such a big success.

  • The group holds a really fun kick-off dinner at the beginning of each semester to explain how the dining circle works.  This gets new participants really excited and gives former participants a great chance to reunite.
  • In exchange for cooking once a semester, each student may attend one dinner each week.
  • The rule of thumb is 10 attendees to each cook – most people choose to cook with one or two other hosts, receiving around 20 to 30 guests.
  • Everyone brings their own dishes so hosts do not get stuck with extra dish washing at the end of the evening.
  • Everyone must commit to a date at the time of the launch event, so the entire semester is scheduled in advance.
  • Guests are strongly encouraged to be on time … and it is perfectly acceptable to grab food to go if there is a big exam or deadline they have to meet that week (but most people stay to socialize)