Hi Food Fans!

With one round down we move forward to the “Edible 8” in the 2011 Zoko Bracket Challenge. We have four great match-ups with the winners advancing to the “Flavorful Four.”   Unfortunately, the last round saw the elimination of solid favorites like “Party like it’s 1492” and “Dinner with Monte & the Clinometerhands.”  While they left the big feast much too soon, we’re still left with:

  • You Ain’t too Classy to Stuff Yo Face (AKA the Chinese, Latin, Mediterranean Fusion Dinner)
  • Hakuna Frittata
  • Straight to Your Hips
  • M is for Meat
  • Promoting World Peas:  Pea-themed Vegetarian Dishes from Around the World
  • Cholesterol is a Vitamin
  • Come Give Mammy Some Shugas
  • I Never Saw a Tender Loin I didn’t want  to take Home with Me
Place your votes before it’s too late.  As a reminder, you’re voting on the name and the image.  This round will end  Monday December 12th at Midnight with four teams advancing to the next round.  We’ll be crowing the winner early in 2012!
The Commissioner