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With everyone abuzz about internet privacy and SOPA/PIPA, we thought we’d show our support by not only blacking out our blog, but also suggesting something fun to do while sites like Wikipedia are shut down.

One of the questions we get more than any other is, “What are some good theme ideas for a party?” We’ve heard of a lot of great themes, but one of our favorites is “Dining in the Dark.”  If you’ve never heard of this, grab your flashlight and listen up.

Dinner in the Dark is exactly as it sounds…..dining with no lights on.  This might seem absurd, but when you think about it, what better way to concentrate on food and the people around you than with the lights off.  Sure, it takes some logistical maneuvering, but in the end it’s just you, the people, the food and nothing else.

Here’s what you do:

  1. Prepare the Food with the lights on.  While it might not be as fun, chopping peppers with a huge knife in the dark is not a wise idea.
  2. Pick foods that have tons of flavors and don’t tell your guests.  This way your guests will be totally surprised and they can concentrate on the smell and taste since they won’t actually know what they’re eating beforehand.*
  3. Black out all of your windows and turn of anything that gives off light.  Don’t forget things like microwave clocks.  The darker, the better!
  4. Set up the sitting area so it’s easy to get around.  While it may be fun to put up little traps around the house, your guests aren’t likely to be pleased.
  5. Invite a bunch of friends who don’t all know each other.  This way, people can try figuring out just who they are talking to all night long.
  6. Take away phones when people walk in the door.  Have a little basket where all the phones sit until dinner is done.  Who knows, people might even end up talking in person (gasp!)
  7. Make sure an have a flashlight handy just-in case.  While you should avoid it at all costs, it’s worth being prepared.  Another good hint is to leave a candle on in the bathroom just so that people can use the facilities if they need to.

That’s It!  Depending on how risky you are, you can consider not turning on the lights at any point so that people leave the party without ever seeing what some of their new acquaintances look like.  If you like this concept, you can check out restaurants like Opaque in SF,SD & LA, CamaJe Bistro in NYC or O.Noir in Montreal & Toronto.

*If your guests have an allergy, make sure you’re not serving up something that will cause an allergic reaction.