A:  Many zokos!

If you’ve been by our side since day one (thank you!), you’ve always known us as Zoko – a name that references gastronomical cooking societies in the Basque region of Spain known as “txokos.”  These societies date back hundreds of years and involve a group of people pitching their money together to buy a house or an apartment where they can come together every few days and cook.  While these cooking ‘clubs’ can be credited with preserving recipes that were on the verge of extinction, they also helped transfer a home-grown, socially-minded mentality that has been passed on to the many generations that have followed.

Until recently we have always used the website “yourzoko.com” indicating that our goal is to give you the very same opportunities.  While that always has been and always will be the case, we jumped at the opportunity to switch our name and domain to zokos.com.  The name indicates that the site is not about any single Zoko but to the many zokos that we’re helping to start around the country and eventually abroad.  It’s our goal that in the future you’ll have several zokos to chose from no matter what day of the week and no matter where you live.

The original word itself means “nook”, “cozy corner,” or “bargain” and we want to be just that for you.  While we can’t currently help you sign a lease for a new house with your food-loving friends, we can provide a way for you to chip-in money and organize get-togethers to share recipes, enjoy great experiences and most importantly socialize with your friends and meet new people.

So what do you say?  We want to revolutionize dinner parties again – are you in or are you out?