At Zokos, we believe strongly that we are doing something that matters.  We’re connecting people over food, and that can be a heck of a lot of fun.

Right now we are running a special Dinner Party Competition, and we need your help!

We need YOU to submit a video from your Aprils Fools Day Dinner Party. Not just any video though, we want you to play an April Fools Day joke on your guests and film it!

Whether it is a simple, “Hey, what is that in the spaghetti?” or as sinister as buttering your floor,  our goal is for you to show us how much fun dinner parties can be.

Post your videos on our Facebook Wall , Tweet them to us, or email them to us at info (at)  If your video is the funniest (as judged by the Zokos team / the number of views and likes you garner) you will win a $200 Gift Certificate to Whole Foods!  Videos must be posted and submitted by April 6th to be entered into the contest.

This is the Dinner Party Revolution people, have fun with it.  Click here for special access to the Zokos site so you can plan your April Fools Day Dinner Party today!

Looking for some examples?  Here are a few to get the ball rolling:

  • Butter the Floor
  • Explosives coming out of the Kitchen (*Note, don’t accidentally burn your house down).
  • Some sort of Animal Shenanigans like pulling a stuffed animal out of the oven (if you have a pet)
  • Glitter Bomb
  • The Meow Game
  •  “Umm We’re pregnant”
  •  “These XYZ are totally Vegan can you believe it?”
  • I started the Amazing XYZ Diet where we are only eating ABC.  Don’t I look great?  I can’t wait for you to try it! (Implying that is the only thing you are serving them)
  • Switch the wine with Vinegar
  • The ‘old breaking chair
  • Silverware glued to the table cloth
  • Fake Cake- Take a round car-washing sponge, or a piece of craft foam, and decorate it with cake frosting, sprinkles, etc
  • Put things in jello
  • Whoopee cushions!
  • Anything inspired by the classic imaginary food fight scene from Hook. Longer version with amazing insult slinging here.