Beer Pairing

Natty Ice and Bud Light not cutting it for you anymore? Are you throwing a dinner party and want to show your guests that your taste in beer has “matured” since college? A few weeks ago we published wines on a budget with practical meal ideas, but if you are more of a beer person, why not pair some of your meals with tasty beers?  We selected some of the best craft beers off of the the Beer Advocate’s top rated beer list and have suggested some simple and delicious recipes to pair them with.  After all, why should wine snobs have all the fun?  Ryan Kril, Co-Founder of Cape May Brewing Company offers this advice when deciding what kind of beer to drink with your meals, “Drink what tastes good to you, it’s that simple.”

If you’re in New York City, check out our friends over at Top Hops for a wonderful selection of beers.  They carry countless amazing beers like those listed below!


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