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You may think Zokos is all about fancy dinner parties but it can really be used for any kind of food get-together no matter how casual or small.  In fact, some of our favorite zokos have been Friday family-style lunches with co-workers and friends.  It’s quick and easy to do and takes almost no effort.  It also prevents those awkward “where should we go for lunch” conversations.  Here’s all you have to do:

  • Create an event either the day before or morning of.
  • Set the RSVP deadline to an hour or two before you plan on eating.
  • Invite your friends or co-workers to attend by sharing the link or using the invite-guest feature.
  • Once the spots get filled or the RSVP deadline passes, pick a restaurant and place an order using a site like GrubHub or Seamless.  (It’s best to give them an hour or two if you have a larger order)
  • The food will magically be whisked to your office door and you’ll be hailed as a hero by your peers while those who missed have to settle for fantastic smells and views of all of the cools kids getting together for a great meal.

Our lunch last Friday filled up lickity-split with over 20 people who were excited for a chance to meet some of the other people around the office. It sure beats that bologna sandwich or heading to Subway by yourself.

Zokos Pro-tip:
If you’re feeling really savvy, you can try negotiating with some of the local restaurants.  Many of them will cut you a deal or throw in some free appetizers if you’ve got a larger order.