It’s not that uncommon to read articles about hosting a great dinner party or event but it’s not all that often you read one about being a good guest. This might have to do with the fact that being a good guest seems pretty obvious but it’s really important to appreciate the amazing things our hosts do for us. Without further delay, here are 5 easy keys to being a good guest:

5. Take the time to RSVP
As we highlighted in an earlier post, RSVP doesn’t mean “Refreshments served very promptly.” Dating back to the early days of the term “Respondez S’il Vous Plait” (Respond Please) the goal was to inform the host whether or not guests would be attending so he or she could plan accordingly. Well, at some point the art of RSVPing became much more casual eventually leading to a good portion of guests not even responding at all.

4. Make a decision and stick to it
We live in busy times with a constant news-feed of events and possible ways to spend our time. Thanks to social media and smartphones those event offerings never end, allowing us to make decisions up until the last minute. Unfortunately, that means people hold off until the last possible moment. With this comes the fear of missing out on something better. Why not reduce the stress and help the host out by making a decision on whether or not you’ll come to an event and stick to it. There’s nothing more annoying to a host than the person that never shows up after RSVPing (or shows up late).

3. Factor in friends
Related to number four, if you’re going to bring friends it’s a good gesture to let the hosts know. Most hosts don’t mind a few extra people but it’s common courtesy to at least let them know so the extra guests don’t throw them for a loop. You might think a person here or there doesn’t do any harm but if everybody brings a guest or two the party can quickly double in size making for an awkward affair.

2. Chip-in to help out
It takes a decent amount of time and money to host an event and that typically all falls on the host. Why not make the gesture of chipping in some money or at least bringing a little something to lighten the financial burden on the host. If money or goods isn’t an issue, you can always chip in by helping prepare the food, DJing or cleaning up. Your mom would be proud and the host sure will be.

1. If you appreciate, you should reciprocate
It’s rare that guests leave a party saying “that sure wasn’t any fun, I don’t want to see anybody there ever again.” Instead, most people leave the party saying “we should get together and do this again.” While it’s certainly easy to leave the task to someone else, even the best host appreciates not having to carry the torch all the time. The best way to thank a host for a great time is to repay the gesture by hosting an event of your own.