How it Works

Host your party today using Zokos website!

Why use Zokos instead of just collecting money at the party?

If you’ve ever attempted to do this you know it’s not fun being the person hustling for money when everyone is having fun. On top of that, you usually still end up falling short and it’s hard to anticipate how many people will actually come.

Why does Zokos encourage guests to invite their friends as guests?

The best parties are made up of old friends and potential new friends. Allowing guests who have already RSVPed to invite their own friends assures it will be a good mix without having to allow complete strangers into your home. While you might not want to let a random Joe in from the street, if Joe is friends with your friend Jane there’s more trust and a better chance you’ll like him, especially if Jane introduces Joe herself.

Do I have to pay to join Zokos?

Nope, no membership fees whatsoever.

What kind of events have people used Zokos for?

We’ve had everything from dinner parties to college keggers, corporate fundraisers, wine tasting parties, birthday get-togethers, bachelor parties and tailgating. Use your imagination!

I live outside the US. Can I use Zokos?

If you want to share costs of a party, you can’t currently use Zokos outside of the U.S. but if you want to organize a free event, go ahead! Depending on how detailed your address is, we may not be able to figure out the right time zone though, so enter as detailed an address as possible. Stay tuned for when we get PayPal approval to help you organize parties outside the US.

Do I have to sign in to RSVP?

Yes, its a safety precaution so that the Host knows who you are! We prefer that you use Facebook so that hosts can feel comfortable knowing who everyone that is coming to their party is.

I can’t see buttons!

If you are using our site using Internet Explorer, some things may be difficult to navigate on our site. Please try using Chrome, Firefox or Safari.


What are the expectations of a host?

The event will be made up of friends and people from your community, so do yourself a favor and show them a good time. Zokos will make it as easy for you as we possible can, but in the end it’s you that decides the flavor the party! To some that means cheap beer and plastic cups and to others that means a five course meal on fine china.

What are Co-Hosts?

Co-Hosts are the people that help make your party happen. They get to come to the party for free and ARE NOT included in the total RSVP count. They can also edit the menu items and change the same things hosts can change once the party is published. To make sure your guest is a Co-Host, click the drop down under their name that says “guest” and change it to “Co-Host” before they have rsvped. When they come to the event page to RSVP, they can choose to rsvp as a guest or as a co host when they hover their mouse over the RSVP button.

Can I throw a potluck using Zokos?

Yes! All you need to do is invite all of your guests as Co-Hosts and then they can add their menu items when they rsvp. This way everyone doesn’t bring the same thing! Make sure to set your minimum as 1 guest and have at least one person rsvp as a guest to make sure the party is ON !

Who will be able to see my event?

If you’ve created a private party, only the people you invite and people who your guests invite will be able to see the event. If you or your guests share the link through facebook or by copying the link from the Facebook plugin, anyone with that link will be able to see and RSVP to the event.

When will I receive the money from my guests?

The chip-in total will be transferred to your account shortly after your RSVP deadline passed.

My guests aren’t RSVPing, what should I do?

Contacting your guests is easy: click “contact guests” on the bottom right of your event page and then you can contact all your guests, just the guests who have RSVPed or just the guests who have not RSVPed. Often it takes a few reminders to get your friends to commit!

What is the minimum time required to fundraise?

There is no minimum time to fundraise, but you need enough time to set a goal deadline. This can be as short as an hour or as long as 60 days.

What if I don’t reach my minimum amount?

No fret! No money will be transferred and no fees will be charged – We promise! Just get in touch with your guests and figure out a better time to have the party! No

Can I change the chip-in, date or number of guests at any time?

Nope. In order to keep things fair for everyone we lock these down as soon as your event is published.

What if something happens and I have to cancel my event?

We realize that stuff happens, so if your kitchen floods or the grocery store runs out of food you can cancel the party up until the RSVP deadline. Nobody will be charged and your guests will be notified. At this time, we are unable to refund guests after this time and you will be responsible for making your guests whole.


Why does Zokos use PayPal?

PayPal is the safest and easiest way to transfer money online.

How does pricing work?

Zokos takes a small portion of every transaction. To read more about this, check out the section on chip-ins at the bottom of the page.

Will I ever be able to pay with credit cards?

Definitely. Just enter your card information and PayPal will accept your credit card for Pre-Approval. This will also sign you up for a PayPal account (which is free).

What’s the maximum amount I can charge for chip-in?

$1,000 per guest

How do the transactions between hosts and guests work?

  1. When a Guest RSVPs for a Host’s meal, they agree to transfer money from their PayPal Account directly to the Host’s PayPal account if the party has reached the minimum number of attendees by the RSVP deadline set by the host. This is called a Pre-approval.
  2. When a Host sets up a party with a chip-in through the Zokos site, they agree to transfer Zokos its fee if the transfer happens from the guests to the host. This is called a Pre- Approval. If the Host organizes a free party, there are no Zokos Fees!
  3. If the party hasn’t gotten the minimum number of RSVPs the deadline, no money changes hands and all the Pre-Approvals are cancelled. It is up to the Host to find a more suitable date to throw the party.
  4. If the minimum number of RSVPs has been reached by the deadline, each Guest’s PayPal account will be charged the Chip-In fee plus PayPal’s processing fee (2.9% of the transaction amount and .30 cents). This money is transferred directly into the Host’s PayPal account.
  5. Once the Host receives all of the money from the Guests who have RSVPed, Their PayPal account will automatically send Zokos the Zokos fee (an introductory rate of 3% and .30 cents per guest). This transfer will also be subject to PayPal’s processing fee.

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